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These Rod Martinez stories consist of some horror, some paranomal, or some mystery-adventure for middle grade readers and story-telling with characters that come to life. Download a free copy of "Before Dawn" and give it a whirl.

Before Dawn

​Do You Like Werewolves?

​(Book 1 of 3)

Fourth grader Alex Davidson was used to being in trouble. If it wasn’t at home it was at school, but a chance discovery in the woods next to his home made his usual troubles seem like nothing. He saw something, and no one will believe him. This is a case of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ taken to the extreme. At the same time his best friend is dying of a mysterious disease and the only cure can be found… in the woods. Employing the help of a couple of school mates, he struggles to come to grips with his discovery and hopes his family, his friends, his town and his best friend can survive.

THREE: A Collection of Short Stories

Three short stories that will play with your head.

DANGERSTREET: a 15 year old computer game programmer gets caught up in his games.

MR. MOORE: a child reminisces about Mr. Moore a neighborhood freind who ha spassed away

SECRET PLACE: 10 year old Andy Meeks tries to find the Secret Place, his grandfather is dying of cancer and the only cure is at the Secret Place, if he can find it.



​“Could you be friends with someone you really didn’t like?”
Danielle lived the kind of life that most girls only dreamed about. She was called Princess at home and she was treated like a princess by everyone, except Heather in school. These two fifth graders didn’t get along and didn’t see anything alike, but Danielle’s missing tiara would play an important role in proving that a princess and a ‘commoner’ could learn to get along through even the worst of differences. As it turns out, each of these girls will come to know that they need each other and that everyone around them will have to accept this friendship.

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