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People are dying in Danica. An age old historical event that brought this rural Florida town together is slowly tearing it apart, an event that bonds six fifth graders together on a quest. These kids from different backgrounds and families are brought together by one linking fact – they are the children of dead people. And this fact pushes these school kids to take on a mystery that might very well make them the next victims, of the Curse of Danica. Daphne, the new girl in town who is still adjusting to life in a new state and a new school, is thrust into a group of what she refers to her mom as ‘misfits’, but she realizes that she has a bond with them since she too is an “orphan”, she finds that she was put there in Danica for a reason. Together as a group they attempt to solve the age old curse that has ripped into the fabric of this ‘perfect’ little town. 

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