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Young Adult Titles

Yes, I will admit that I write mostly Middle Grade and Elementary School grade adventures and mysteries, but my first love was young adult stuff. Peruse the titles here, you just might find your next cozy read. This title "Love Lost" is a FREE download. Click below to download your free copy!

"Chasing Butterflies"  

How do you kill havoc incarnate? A micro-organism survives a chance flight into the earth's atmosphere and turns into a predator with devastating power and no understanding of its inherent threat to humankind... nothing that can stop it. Four total strangers from different walks of life will meet in a Florida town for their own reasons and end up on a mission; find the outbreak, stop it, kill it. Their decisions and outcome will either save or destroy the populace.

"Dead Boy Walking"

When a local high school student is murdered, his friends rally together to find his killer, but they get help from an unexpected source - their dead friend - who is having issues himself as he struggles with existing between life and death, trying to figure the origin of a ring that has supernaturally attached itself to his finger and glows bright amber, and fighting an unseen adversary who wants to bring him back where he belongs - dead. All of these are intertwined with each other, he just doesn't know it.

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Seventeen year old David Roland is an enigma of his generation. He’s close to his Mom, adores his little sister and misses his father – who left after the divorce when he was seven years old. David is getting ready to embark on a trip this fall to Julliard in New York, but this Florida native has issues at home to fix before leaving. A dark omen haunts his family and it is part of a mysterious past he has been forbidden to know about, but this issue has to come clean before he can leave. The closest friend to this family is the minister at their local church, and Pastor McHue is determined, as is young David to get to the bottom of things. David’s sudden desire to join his mother’s faith causes a supernatural uproar and there is a lot at stake here. The dragon scar on his arm is more than meets the eye but he’s determined to take on this battle, even if it means certain death. And when you fight an enemy who knows no limits, death seems the only viable option.
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